Topless Babygirl Summer Wants You To Be Her Daddy & Makes A HUGE Mess In Her Diaper For You POV

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Summer wants you to be her daddy. And she wants you to be proud of her. She’s wearing her favorite diaper and she wants to poop a huge mess into it because she knows you like it when she uses her diapers.

Summer looks back at you to make sure you’re watching as she turns around. “Are you watching, Daddy? Can you see me poop for you?”

And she does. With great view you get to watch as she grunts & pushes out her huge mess. Just-For-You.

And when she’s done and her diaper is sagging full…she wants you to change her. Will you change Summer’s messy diaper for her?

Topless Summer is HOT as always. Excellent clip!


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