Little Teenbaby Nikki Invites You To Cuddle In Her Crib With Her & Make Messes In Your Diapers & Go Nigh-Nigh Together

ABPNikkiPOVInvitesUIntoCribCuddleMessSleep ABPNikkiPOVInvitesUIntoCribCuddleMessSleep2

Don’t you wanna come & go nigh-nigh with little Nikki?

She wants you to come cuddle up with her in the crib and have a sleepover! She wants you two to tell stories and secrets to each other. And make pee-pees and poo-poos in your diapers mall night long and when you two wake up you can change each others’ diapers!

Nikki is so adorable as she invites you to climb into the crib with her and she offers you her toys and stuffed animals and she even uses her diaper!

She’ll give you a nice little kiss goodnight and giggles when she catches you peeking instead of sleeping!



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