Little Teen Nikki Makes A Great Big, Sloppy Mess In Her Diaper while Playing With The Giant Bear

ABPNikkiSloppyMessesPlayingGiantBear ABPNikkiSloppyMessesPlayingGiantBear2

What a great big mess little Nikki makes in her diaper!

Nikki’s playing in the play room when she realizes she has to go poo-poo. She climbs up on Mr. Teddy and tells him not to look as she does her pooing! But Mr. Teddy’s watching anyway.

Nikki’s too shy to let him watch so she covers his eyes with his own giant paws and starts to poo away! She messes and messes a yucky liquidy poo and fills her diaper up full with it!

Once she squirts it all out and completely satisfied, she lays down on Mr. Teddy and enjoys her messy diaper.


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