Little Nikki Empties Her Very Full Bladder Into Her Diaper While Sucking On A Giant Lollipop

ABPNikkiWetsKneeHighsGiantLollipop ABPNikkiWetsKneeHighsGiantLollipop2

OMG How adorable is little Nikki???

Nikki is so cute with her pigtails and thigh high socks and wearing a cute Pampers tee. She plays with baby toys in the nursery in her Tena Slip Maxi when she finds a giant lollipop! Yummy!

She rips off the wrapper and starts licking up and down the lollipop. She rocks back and forth and enjoys her sucker. She still licks away at it while she goes pee-pee in her diapee!

She completely fills her little Tena Slip diaper with her warm wetness. It makes her giggle. She can’t help but to rub on her diapee as she licks away at her lollipop!

So cute!!!


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