Babies Alyssa & Abby Get Caught Fighting & Get An Unusual Dual Bound Orgasms Punishment

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Abby and Alyssa are at it again! These naughty little girls are now fighting over a toy! The fight escalates and Mommy Natalia quickly steps in.

After bending the little girls over and spanking them she thinks it’s not enough. It’s time for a time-out and them to be made to get along. They’re gonna get tied together with a rope! In fact, they need a total attitude adjustment.

Well, Natalia knows how to adjust those attitudes for them. They’re gonna forget all about fighting each other and immediately turn them into happy babies!

She takes one powerful vibrator and sticks it into Alyssa’s diaper and takes a powerful Hitachi vibrator to Abby’s diaper. “Now relax and cum!” She orders them!

It works!!! After a few minutes the babies are definitely verrrryyy happy!


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