Babies Abby & Alyssa Both Get Enemas & Mess Their Diapers At The Same Time

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Super awesome video!!!

Natalia comes in to check on the babies as they’re playing with toys and neither girl is even wearing a diaper! Well this won’t do.

Natalia asks them if they’ve gone poo-poo yet and both girls shake their heads no. That’s ok. Mommy Natalia will give them both enemas and make sure they get their poo-poos out!

Each girl gets their booties filled full of liquid then diapered. That’s better!

Natalia has a bit of a hard time getting the enema nozzle up little itty bitty Alyssa’s bum. It’s just so tight!

Once they’re all diapered up they’re ready to fill their diapees full of their poo!

Natalia gives them instructions on how she wants them to do it then at the same time they’re told to fill their diapers.

SQUIRT! It’s hard to tell which butt every noise is coming out of but it gets noisy! These little baby girls make such big messes!

And they’re so funny as they do it! Every fart makes them laugh so hard!

Then when they’ve almost got it all out they start a tickle fight that gets all the last bits of it out!

Good girls. Amazing video!!!


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