Ami’s Daddy Gives Her Suppositories & Soothes Her As She Messes Her Diaper


Ami is enjoying her toys when her Daddy asks her if she’s messed her diaper today. She says no & Daddy tells her that it’s almost bedtime so she has to mess before she goes to bed. Its very important that she goes everyday. So now he’ll have to give her suppositories to make her poo.

She’s so upset by this but he insists. “This will hurt me more than it hurts you,” he tells her.

He gently shoves the suppository up her bum and baby Ami whines. She starts to rock back and forth so he calls her over and gives her a nice, big, loving hug. As the suppository kicks in it starts to hurt her so he holds her hand all the way through it.

And then she finally messes her diaper like a good girl.

What a very good girl!


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