Ami Wets Her Diaper So Daddy Changes It For Her – & Makes Her Cum In The Process!

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Uh-oh! Ami makes a pee-pee in her diapee! Now she’s all wet and needs to be changed!

She calls for her Daddy to come change her and he is happy oblige.

He checks her diapee and finds that it’s all nice and wet. What a good girl! He tells her how proud he is of her making her diaper all nice and wet like that.

He tickles her a little before removing her wet diaper. Good thing she already let all of her pee-pees out!

And as a reward for making her diaper all nice & wet he gives her a special treat.

He wipes her all nice and clean then gives her a nice kiss on her va-jay-jay. Then he uses his fingers to make sure she has a nice big orgasm before putting a new diaper on her!

What a cute couple!


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