AB/LG Riley Jane Tries On Her Very First Diaper


The first of many videos I took while I was at Fetishcon one year!

Oh, the adorable Little Miss Riley Jane…what can I say? I first saw this little girl down by the pool late at night the first night of FetishCon. She was sitting there in her knee-high socks and sucking on a pacifier. I was so happy when I saw her! One of my peeps! Here, at FetCon!

I quickly passed her my card and asked her if she’s ever tried diaper play? And I was amazed when she said, “No.” Whaaaaa????

Yeah- I couldn’t believe this AB/LG sitting here in front of me has never tried on a diaper before…and I was set to change that immediately. After all, I LOVE popping cherries and creating new diaper lovers…and she was a sure thing! Ha! We quickly scheduled some playtime for the following morning…

And this video is the start of it all. Watch her real first reaction to her very first diaper!



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